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TripleCare is a telemedicine-based physician group that utilizes video communication technology and digital diagnostic equipment to bring physicians to patients’ bedsides.
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Treating in place means bringing board-certified physicians to patients’ bedsides. Through the use of telemedicine, we improve patient outcomes, help keep patients and reimbursement within your facility, and strengthen your relationships with hospitals.

Curavi Acquires TripleCare, Prepares to Rapidly Expand Telemedicine Services

TripleCare is excited to announce that, effective November 30, 2018, the Company has become part of Curavi Health. Together the new combined entity serves nearly 100 facilities in 14 states. Visit Curavi Health to learn more about how we’re further advancing telemedicine throughout the post-acute care sector and throughout skilled nursing facilities. Read more about this acquisition here.

Treating in place is better for your patients, avoids preventable readmissions, and helps grow your census.
Our board-certified, dedicated physicians are the key to providing care after-hours, when coverage is limited and many readmissions occur.
Bedside treatment directly from highly skilled doctors provides you with assurance and comfort during a time of need.

TripleCare at work

Quality care

Our board-certified geriatricians, internists, and nursing facility experts have a deep passion for excellent patient care.