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TripleCare is a telemedicine-based physician group that utilizes video communication technology and digital diagnostic equipment to bring physicians to patients’ bedsides.
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TripleCare Physicians
TripleCare Physicians
TripleCare physicians are capable, reliable and kind.
Our team of board-certified geriatricians, internists and nursing facility experts provide highly skilled, personalized care after hours. TripleCare’s physicians have a long history of caring for clinically complex post-acute and hospital patients. They are specially trained on discussing Advanced Care Directives. They also develop key relationships with community physicians and are trained that the nurse is their customer – service is as important as clinical care. Each physician is fully insured for telemedicine care in skilled nursing facilities. They are licensed in the state that they are covering.
Continuity of Care
TripleCare provides clinical coverage after-hours when bedside physician care is rarely available. Our doctors work closely with a facility’s onsite nursing team to support the care of the attending physician.
TripleCare physicians do not become attending physicians and do not replace the crucial relationship between a patient and his or her attending doctor. TripleCare simply ensures that patients have the opportunity to be treated in place after-hours, weekends and holidays when bedside care is limited.
For further questions about the TripleCare physician team, please click here.
TripleCare’s physicians are dedicated to helping patients in their time of need and are carefully selected for their clinical expertise, commitment to service, and nursing facility experience. Below are two members of our growing physician team.

Interested in becoming a TripleCare physician?