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TripleCare is a telemedicine-based physician group that utilizes video communication technology and digital diagnostic equipment to bring physicians to patients’ bedsides.
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Services to Commence at North Ridge Health and Rehab; Aim to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Hospitalizations
NEW YORK, NY May 2, 2018


NEW YORK, N.Y. and Minneapolis … May 2, 2018 … TripleCare, a national provider of telemedicine-based healthcare services to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), announced today, effective April 1, 2018, it will unveil services at North Ridge Health and Rehab, a Mission Health managed community, located in New Hope, Minn., 14 miles to city center.

North Ridge Health and Rehab, a 320-bed community featuring a continuum of care, is also home to a short-term, 58-bed transitional care unit providing cardiac, pulmonary, orthopedic and neurological support to patients. This unit fosters healing in place, and TripleCare is focused on treating patients in place through its innovative telemedicine approach.
Under the new strategic partnership with North Ridge Health and Rehab, TripleCare will bring physician care to patients’ bedsides, virtually. Its doctors will connect to the facility and its patients using advanced telemedicine at times when North Ridge Health and Rehab’s physicians are not on site, such as overnight, during the weekends and on holidays. By offering physician accessibility and support during these times, TripleCare’s services are intended to aid in reducing hospital transfers at the community.
By combining TripleCare’s expertise and technology with assistance from North Ridge Health and Rehab’s on-site nurses, a network of highly trained physicians will perform virtual bedside visits and treat residents in place, in real-time. TripleCare’s virtual services make it possible for its physicians to ascertain residents’ conditions and differentiate between those who can be treated on-site versus those who might require a transfer to the hospital. This protocol will complement North Ridge Health and Rehab’s mission to treat patients in place.
“The new affiliation we forged with Mission Health and North Ridge Health and Rehab further supports the community’s goal to serve their patients in place. By deploying our services at North Ridge Health and Rehab, Mission Health stands to improve its patient outcomes through reduced hospital readmissions. We will work closely as we partner to facilitate the delivery of better care while promoting the helping-and-healing care approach that North Ridge Health and Rehab follows,” explained Dr. Mary Jo Gorman, TripleCare’s chief executive officer.
“This relationship marks TripleCare’s entry into Minnesota and brings the total number of states we now serve to 11. As the adoption of telemedicine by SNFs continues to dramatically increase– based on the need to enhance patient care, improve outcomes, control costs and reduce hospitalizations– we are well positioned to extend the reach of our services to help more patients remain in the facilities where they are most comfortable and where receiving necessary care at their bedsides has been made possible by TripleCare,” Gorman added.
“Based on the size and number of patients we care for at North Ridge Health and Rehab, we believe this is the perfect community at which to introduce the type of telemedicine services TripleCare offers. Our objective is to better the overall experience for our patients and staff. This refers not only to improving outcomes for patients, but also to affording our team a greater skill set and better opportunity to treat in place. Armed with TripleCare’s support and services, we can meet this goal by avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations, and ensuring our patients receive high quality care and remain at ease. We look forward to the benefits we anticipate realizing from treating and healing our patients in place,” said Stuart Lindeman, president and chief executive officer at Mission Health.

About Mission Health and North Ridge Health and Rehab

North Ridge Health and Rehab, owned and operated by Tampa-based Mission Health, is a leading senior nursing campus in New Hope, Minn. that offers a continuum of care including senior apartments for independent living, assisted living, Alzheimer’s/dementia care, an adult day program, a short-term transitional unit and long-term nursing care. North Ridge Health and Rehab also offers outpatient therapy and rehabilitation services.

Mission Health managed communities offer a broad range of services to individuals in need of high-quality healthcare and rehabilitation assistance. With a focus on personal care and enriching activities, Mission Health Communities excel in helping residents achieve essential clinical outcomes across a variety of service areas. Mission Health Communities are focused on providing short-stay skilled nursing and transitional care services, which can be instrumental in helping patients get back on their feet, as they recover in a comfortable and safe environment.

About TripleCare

New York, N.Y.-based TripleCare is a national provider of telemedicine-based healthcare services to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). The Company brings highly trained physicians to patients’ bedsides, via advanced technology, which enables patients to receive timely interventions when a change of condition occurs. As an experienced telemedicine provider bringing care to patients since 2011, TripleCare is contracted with more than 60 skilled nursing facilities across 11 states. TripleCare’s proven implementation and service approach benefits patients, families, providers and SNFs.

TripleCare was recently identified as a leading telemedicine provider in the post-acute environment by The Advisory Board Company, a health care research and consulting firm located in Washington, D.C.

For more information, please visit or follow the Company on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.