TripleCare | Press Release – Saber Partnership
TripleCare is a telemedicine-based physician group that utilizes video communication technology and digital diagnostic equipment to bring physicians to patients’ bedsides.
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TripleCare Expands Relationship with Saber Healthcare Group
TripleCare Adds New States to its Service Offering, Bringing its Specialty Telemedicine Services to Additional Saber Healthcare Facilities in Virginia
NEW YORK, NY December 11, 2017


TripleCare, a national provider of telemedicine-based healthcare services to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), announced today that the Company has expanded its relationship with Saber Healthcare Group®, owner and operator of 105 skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, with more than 10,000 licensed beds across six states.

TripleCare is in the process of introducing its virtual telemedicine-based services to additional Saber facilities throughout Virginia, which is expected to be completed by year-end 2017. This marks the Company’s entry into Virginia.
Leveraging the success of a relationship that dates back to 2014, TripleCare had been providing Saber SNFs with virtual telemedicine services in Pennsylvania, and will now expand to Virginia. The decision was made to introduce services to Saber facilities in Virginia, based on the results achieved throughout the Pennsylvania locations.
TripleCare’s virtual healthcare services employ telemedicine protocols at Saber Healthcare’s facilities during times when physicians are not on site, such as overnight, during the weekends and on holidays, typically when most hospital transfers from SNFs occur. The Company’s network of highly trained physicians perform virtual bedside visits, treating patients in place, using advanced technology, coupled with assistance from Saber’s experienced, on-site nurses. TripleCare’s virtual services make it possible for its physicians to differentiate Saber’s patients that can be treated in place at the local Saber facilities versus those that require a hospital transfer. TripleCare has established a proven track record across Saber facilities for aiding in the avoidance of unnecessary hospital transfers, enhancing patient care and comfort and ultimately, helping Saber realize significant cost savings at its SNFs.
“We are so pleased that Saber has expanded their relationship with TripleCare, based on their satisfaction with our performance at other Saber facilities with which we have been working for the past several years. Our ability to help Saber manage and care for their patients on-site, rather than sending them to the hospital, is what led to the Virginia expansion, and a new state for TripleCare. We look forward to continuing to demonstrate the advantages and cost benefits of working with us to Saber in this new, expanded capacity,” explained Mary Jo Gorman, chief executive officer at TripleCare.
Michael Demagall, vice president of population health and business development at Saber Healthcare Group, added: “Since we forged our relationship with TripleCare three years ago, we have had the fortunate opportunity to reap the results telemedicine brings as well as benefit from the capabilities TripleCare affords our patients. The patients and families we serve — along with the physicians with whom we work — are all now able to experience the advantages of that one-on-one bedside care, which was made possible by this relationship. As a result, we thought that seizing the chance to roll out TripleCare’s services in three additional SNFs made perfect sense for Saber and is an ideal way for us to better serve our patients, leverage our efficiencies and manage costs.”

About Saber Healthcare Group

Created in 2001 with the acquisition of two skilled nursing facilities in the Cleveland area, the vision of the Saber Healthcare Group® was built upon, and still remains, one based on providing respectful, compassionate, high-quality care to the people within its communities. Since that time, the company has grown to 105 facilities and 10,000 licensed beds serving six states including, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Indiana, and North Carolina.

About TripleCare

New York, N.Y.-based TripleCare is a national provider of telemedicine-based healthcare services to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). The Company brings highly trained physicians to patients’ bedsides, via advanced technology, which enables patients to receive timely interventions when a change of condition occurs. As an experienced telemedicine provider bringing care to patients since 2011, TripleCare is contracted with more than 60 skilled nursing facilities across 11 states. TripleCare’s proven implementation and service approach benefits patients, families, providers and SNFs.

TripleCare was recently identified as a leading telemedicine provider in the post-acute environment by The Advisory Board Company, a health care research and consulting firm located in Washington, D.C.

For more information, please visit or follow the Company on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.